What is Osusume books?

Osusume Books is a monthly subscription service that includes the best Japanese contemporary novels available in English. The book is handpicked by a Japanese bookworm and comes with a personal Osusume note (a note about why the book is recommended). 

For book lovers, by book lovers!

Why Is it so special?

Hi! My name is Yuka, and I'm a bookworm from Tokyo, Japan. I read more than 10 books a month, and I want to introduce great Japanese books to the world. 

I send you only books that I read and loved, and will share why you might enjoy the book too in the Osusume Note. I will try to tailor my recommendation based on your taste so feel free to let me know your favorite genre or author!

The service is perfect for you if…

- You love Japan.

- You’re a bookworm.

- You enjoyed Haruki Murakami and want to discover other great Japanese authors.

- You’ve never read any Japanese books but want to. 

- You’re going to Japan soon and want to know more about the people and culture.

- You know somebody who meets the above criteria and looking for a great gift. 

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