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What is Osusume books?

Osusume Books is a monthly book subscription service for Japanese books. You'll receive personalised recommendations that you've never read before, carefully chosen for you by a Japanese bookworm.

Enjoy outstanding Japanese novels every month – translated into English.

Want to discover Japan’s best authors? Explore novels across different genres? Each book is carefully selected and the email with the recommended title is sent to you by our founder, Yuka Ogasawara, based on your literary tastes. You can then purchase the book via your e-book reader or preferred bookstore/online shopping site. The email will arrive with a personalized ‘Osusume Note’ explaining why this novel is recommended for you.


A PERSONAL TOUCH: Tell us your favourite genres and authors – and receive books that you’ll fall in love with from the first page.

AN EXPERT OPINION: Your literary preferences are analysed by our founder, Yuka, a language expert who reads over 15 books every month! She wants to get the best Japanese novels in your hands. That’s why our books are handpicked and curated, just for you.

THE OSUSUME NOTE: When you open your package, you’ll see a little note – the ‘Osusume note’ – explaining why this specific book, or books, are recommended for you.


LEARN ABOUT JAPAN: Fascinated by Japanese culture? Planning a trip there soon? Japanese books help you discover more about Japan: its history, people, lifestyle, customs and culture.

EXPLORE NEW AUTHORS & GENRES: New to Japanese literature? Already knowledgeable but keen to learn more? Read Murakami but that’s it? Subscribe for an incredible range of Japanese literature (across countless authors and genres) that’ll get you reading throughout the night!

THE PERFECT GIFT: Looking for that perfect gift idea for a book-loving friend or family member? Browse our book packages to give your friend a creative and long-lasting gift to remember.


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What is the meaning of food in contemporary Japanese literature?


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