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Read Maki Kashimada in English

Readers can finally read Maki Kashimada in English for the first. We review the recently translated 'Touring The Land...

Mizuki Tsujimura - The Lonely Castle In The Mirror

'Lonely Castle In The Mirror' by Mizuki Tsujimura captures the mental health difficulties of Japan's younger generati...

The Curious Surrealism of Yoko Tawada

Yoko Tawada's surreal, strange and sensual tales make us feel like we’re standing on a crumbling volcano. We pick ou...

Why Read Keiichiro Hirano?

Step into Keiichiro Hirano's lingering philosophical thrillers and understand why he's one of Japan's most thought-pr...

The Absurd World of Hiroko Oyamada

Hiroko Oyamada's absurd take on capitalist labour and its impact on individual meaning and identity in novels 'The Fa...

Grief and Longing in Banana Yoshimoto

We look at the spellbinding prose of Japanese author Banana Yoshimoto and examine her themes of grief and longing in ...

Murakami's Misogyny, The Elephant In The Room

'If you love Haruki Murakami’s work so much, how do you justify his portrayal of women?'

Our Guide To Kōtarō Isaka

Before the release of the novel 'Bullet Train', we re-visit the thrilling mystery fiction of Kōtarō Isaka and enter t...

Top 5 Japanese Romance Novels

An exploration of Japan's finest romantic novels and the allure of this engrossing genre of fiction.

Top 5 Japanese 'Honkaku' Mystery Novels

After recent English translations, we examine Japan's take on classic Golden Age murder mystery fiction: honkaku nove...

Mono No Aware in Japanese Literature

A look at life's fleeting dance, awareness of transience and the impermanence of things in Japanese culture and liter...

Introducing Iyamisu: Japan’s ‘Eww Mystery’ Novels

A look at Japan's unique iyamisu 'eww mystery' novels, why they capture the human imagination, and see our favourite ...
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