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Best Mother's Day Gifts for Book Lovers

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, there’s not much time left to choose a gift that shows mom just how much you care (and remind her that you’re her favorite child, of course.) 

If your mom is a bookworm but choosing a good novel for her seems like a daunting task - don't worry. We’re helping you save time with our top gift recommendations for moms who love books.

Keep reading to find the best gift for your mother - and don’t forget the flowers!


Personalized Bookmark 

There’s nothing that will wreck a beautiful book faster than dog-earing the pages or harming the binding by leaving it open and face-down on a table. If your mother loves reading, a personalized bookmark will give her a reason to think of you every time she cracks open a story.

We love the selection of customizable bookmark options on Etsy. And certainly wouldn’t mind if someone gave us a stamped leather bookmark (hint, hint.)


Book Club Subscription 

For even the most avid readers, finding the next best read can be a challenge. Thankfully, there’s a fix for that! Osusume Books is a monthly Japanese book subscription that hand-picks the best of Japanese literature (translated, of course!) and ships it directly to mom's door. 

Unlike other book subscriptions, Osusume (Japanese for 'recommendation') bases their recommendations on the reader's personal likes and dislikes. So a good read is always guaranteed.

Why not start her off with a 3-month trial book subscription?

Best Book Gifts for Mother's Day

Personal Reading Lamp

Does your mom love to burn the midnight oil as she’s burning through her favorite thriller? Then a personal, adjustable reading lamp is an affordable gift for Mother’s Day! Our favorites are the hands-free reading lamps that allow you to read wherever you want and in whichever position you want. Check out this LED book light that wraps around your neck or this cat-shaped bookmark style light.


Reading Pillow

Reading pillows are a necessity of life for those of us who love reading at bedtime. When choosing a reading pillow, look for a sturdy yet soft pillow that allows the pillows to mold to your body without causing a sinking effect (memory foam works quite well!). A removable and washable cover is also a definite plus. Check out one of the highest-rated reading pillows on Amazon here.


Personalized Bookends

What better way for your mom to keep her books organized and on-display than with custom bookends that have...wait for it...your photo in it! Again, we turned to the amazing artists at Etsy and found a variety of custom bookend styles. With all these possibilities, you’ll be sure to find one that fits mom’s personality perfectly!
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