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Osusume Books is the best way to read Japanese fiction.

Always thought about reading Japanese authors?

Or are you a huge Japanese literature bookworm searching for your next read... desperately in need of personalised book recommendations?

Why subscribe to Osusume Books?

Fall in love with Japanese Literature.

Tell us what kind of books you're keen to read... and open your pretty Osusume Book Package every month. Made specially for you.

Translations of Japanese novels into English have opened up a whole world of new literature for book lovers. Known for their remarkable atmospheres and soothing influence on readers, Japanese books are suck you in. They're equally capable of placing a blanket of calm over readers as enrapturing them in thrilling action!


We know what you're thinking... 'why subscribe to receive a Japanese book every month when I can just buy one online!?'

We're glad you asked.

Our Japanese literature expert meticulously decides your next read, based on your stated genre/author preferences and what you've read previously. In fact... the contents of your personalised Book Package are really quite special...


What do I get with an Osusume Books subscription?

  • A  Japanese novel every month, read in English.

Your book is selected by our Japanese Literature expert, based on your literary tastes. When you subscribe, you must list all Japanese novels you've read... so you only receive new and exciting books that you've NEVER read before. Hope you like surprises...

  • A pretty Osusume Bookmark for life.
  • Japanese tea for your reading session.
  • An 'Osusume Note'

This explains why the book has been chosen specifically for you, what it is about, and what makes it so special.


Can't get enough Japanese lit?

Bookworm Bundle subscribers receive two books per month:

Like the sound of Japanese authors? New to Japanese Literature and don't know where to begin?

Big reader of Japanese novels but out of ideas? Perfect. Our personalised recommendations encourage you to read books you would've never come across!


Pick your perfect Book Package!


ALL GENRES PACKAGE (get a surprise book each month)

3-MONTH JAPANESE BOOK (your subscription will terminate after 3 months)






Regarding all subscriptions, please note that you'll be charged in your local currency 

Free Shipping to Europe & US (readers outside these locations may still subscribe, but with slower shipping, for now). Please find more details by clicking on our Book Packages!

More Reviews: here.

Book Packages: here.

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