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Answers to Your Questions

How does it work?

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When you purchase Osusume Subscription, your subscription will auto-renew on the 20th of each month. If at any time you don’t want the service to auto-renew, you can skip a month or cancel your subscription, but who would want to do that?

How are the books selected?

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Good question, we are glad you asked. We spend several hours a month curating the best works from famous Japanese authors and up-and-coming new authors. Not all of them are translated into English, so there’s often quite a bit of digging involved (which we enjoy!). We do this so you can get your hands on books you haven’t read. 

I'm quite picky, can I choose a genre?

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Absolutely! If you have any preference on the genre or types of book you'd like to read, please let us know in the note section when you subscribe or send us an email.

Are there any extra fees?

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We don't charge any extra fees, but please note that the price of the book is not included in the subscription. You'll need to purchase the book via your e-book reader or preferred bookstore/online shopping site.

Will you announce which author(s) will be featured each month?

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No. The element of surprise is a huge part of the fun. Your package details are kept secret right until they arrive on your doorstep - get excited!

Can I order multiple packages?

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Yes. The world of Japanese literature is huge and there's so much to be explored. Many of our subscribers opt for more than one package. So please feel free!

What does 'osusume' mean?

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Osusume (おすすめ) is the Japanese word for ‘recommendation.’ 

When do I get the recommendation email?

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The email is sent out around the 20th of each month.

Can I order this subscription service as a gift?

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Yep! Simply subscribe as a regular subscriber and add your friend's e-mail address in the shipping address.

What if I want to change my address?

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You can change your email address by logging into your account and updating the information. The email is sent out on 20th, so please update your information before 20th of the month.

If there is an emergency change that happened after 20th, please email us at

When will I be charged for the subscription?

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We process your first payment on the day you sign up. From the second month, all of our payments are on the 20th of each month.

What is your return and refund policy?

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If your subscription has renewed and your card has been charged, you are set to receive the recommendation that have been paid for. Cancelling only affects future renewals and doesn’t trigger an automatic refund.

Refunds for digital products (Osusume Subscription) is not possible unless there's an issue with the link. If you don't have access to that book in your country, please notify us within 14-days after receiving the link. 

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